How to get creative live in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago (free)

How to get creative live in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago (free)

August 10, 2021 Comments Off on How to get creative live in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago (free) By admin

Creative Live has announced that it is hosting free Creative Root and Creative Cloud for creative users in New Orleans, LA and Chicago.

In addition, Creative Live will be adding a new free live event in New Jersey on May 5th and a free Creative Cloud event on May 12th in Atlanta.

In all, Creative Root has the best lineup of live events in North America.

The company has already launched several events in the US, including an event in Los Angeles on February 13th and the first live Creative Root event in Austin on February 20th.

This is the first time Creative Live is releasing a free event in all of North America, and it will likely be the first free event for Creative Cloud users in the country.

The free events include a live stream, a Q&A, a gallery with artists, a video series and an interactive showcase.

In terms of content, Creative live has expanded the range of events it offers, including artists, artists studios, a creative marketplace, a curated gallery and a monthly magazine.

Creative Live also launched a free online marketplace, the Creative Market, in February 2018, and Creative Market is now in its ninth month in its free trial period.

Creative Market has already had a huge impact on the industry, with the first five months alone generating $4 million in revenue.

For more information on Creative Live, including how to sign up, visit their website here.

Source: Creative Live

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