‘No More’ for Irish creators – RTE

‘No More’ for Irish creators – RTE

August 26, 2021 Comments Off on ‘No More’ for Irish creators – RTE By admin

The creative energy of Irish creatives has been highlighted by the release of a new creative playlist titled No More, the result of a week of meetings with Irish creative industries and creative agencies in Dublin.

The playlist was created by the Dublin based Irish Creative Industry Council, a group of over 20 creative companies and organisations, and is designed to highlight the opportunities Ireland is opening up to creatives.

The initiative was created to highlight how creative energy is changing in Ireland, with some of the most innovative companies in Ireland joining forces to promote the potential of Irish talent and to create a space where all creatives can be heard.

The theme for the week was The Power of Creativity, which featured creative companies from around the country.

The aim of the initiative was to provide a platform for creatives to showcase their creativity and to showcase the opportunities available in Ireland to the creative sector.

“We all have a responsibility to take care of our own,” said Dr. Claire McCarthy, co-founder and CEO of the Dublin-based agency ICA.

“We need to make sure that we are being part of the solution for the creative economy.

We need to be a part of that solution and we need to share our energy, creativity and knowledge to create the solution that will enable us to achieve that goal.”

The event, titled The Power Of Creativity was organised by the ICA and hosted by the agency IBC, which represents a range of companies and creative organisations across the Irish creative industry.

“This was a fantastic week,” said Eoin MacNeill, cofounder and director of IBC.

“This was really a wake up call for all of us, not just creatives, to take a moment and really start to recognise the fact that there is an abundance of energy and creativity in Ireland and the way that we can support it.”

A selection of the creative ideas presented by the artists on the playlist included:The list of participating companies and artists included:Lazareva – the maker of the Zonar, a hand-held digital video camera that allows people to create videos in a way that’s entirely self-directedThe Odeon – the creator of the “Odeon’s Guide to Ireland” which showcases a range a different cultural and social experiences in the country and provides a useful guide for local businesses and visitors to the countryAstrid O’Hara – the designer of the Odeons Guide to Italy which features a range from local Italian restaurants to the best Italian restaurants in Dublin and beyondThe Vivid Arts – the creators of the Vivid Art book which is a book of Irish-inspired art inspired by Irish culture, culture and historyThe Cactus – the makers of the Cork-based, handmade hand-blown glasswareThe Cattleman – the founders of the Irish Craftsmen’s Association, an organisation dedicated to providing local craftsmen with access to the skills and knowledge they need to start up their own businesses in IrelandThe Dolly – the owners of the ‘Dolly’ Irish Bar which has a variety of Irish food from the Cattlemen’s and the Cactus’ The Irish Craftsmanship – the organisers of the event, who will be creating a range in the Irish-themed Irish Craft Art category.

Irish creatives will be able to share their work in the Creative Energy playlist.

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