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How to create a Jewish ‘Zionist’ on the Internet

June 22, 2021 Comments Off on How to create a Jewish ‘Zionist’ on the Internet By admin

A Jewish “Zionists” Facebook page is attracting thousands of likes, some of which are encouraging other members to “go to the zionist holy land” and join the cause.

“Go to the holy land, go to the land of Israel,” one post reads, “then take the pledge of loyalty and join us!”

Another encourages the creation of a “ZIONIST JEWISH CITIZENRY” that will support Israel’s right to exist and will “hold to the truth.”

Another, titled “We have to create the Zionist JEWS!” encourages other members “to join our cause” and “get involved.”

Facebook user Yair Sotnitz created the page with the sole purpose of “supporting” Israel, which is a common refrain among Israeli Jews.

“The idea was to spread information to Jews across the world,” he told The Jerusalem Times.

“I wanted to help Jews in the Middle East because they are the ones most at risk.”

Sotnicz, who has over 4.2 million followers on Facebook, was inspired by a post on a group called the “Free Israel Fund” on August 16.

In the post, a Facebook group member, who identified herself as “Diane,” claimed that a “jews are being killed” in the Palestinian Territories and asked for Jewish volunteers to help the group’s fight.

“We need you,” she wrote.

“It’s not that we want to help them, we just need to make sure we get some Jews who are going to be willing to go and fight and help the cause.”

The post received nearly 700 likes, and Sotniitz decided to create his own page.

“So, I started looking for people that wanted to create their own pages and create their pages with the goal of creating a Zionist Jews group,” he said.

“And then, when I saw [a] Facebook page for a group that was promoting the creation and growth of the Zionist Jewish CITO (Citizenship and Independence for Israel) group, I knew it was a good fit.”

The page is called “Jewish CITOV” and its page description reads, “[We are] a Zionist-CITOV Jewish group that supports the Zionist state, opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state, and seeks the right of return to the Jewish people.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are, if you want to make a difference and do something for the good of your people, this is your page,” the page reads.

“This is your Zionist-JEWS page, and if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.”

Sota is a Facebook user whose profile describes him as a “jewish” who is “a fan of the Israeli army.”

His profile picture, which he posted to the page, shows a soldier holding a Palestinian flag.

Sotnikitz said he contacted the group and was told, “We will create a Zionist organization, and you will be our official members.”

“I think that if they have a problem with us, we can’t tell them,” Sotnez said.

He said he started an “open letter” to the group on August 19, which has over 100 supporters, and has been shared more than 3,000 times.

“People are being murdered and tortured in the Israeli territories, they are suffering from discrimination,” the letter reads.

The group also posted a picture of a young boy holding a gun in the name of Israel, with a caption reading, “A boy’s life is his choice.”

The letter has received more than 1,100 “likes” and more than 500 comments.

“How do we do this?

We can do it, but I can’t do it,” Sota told The Times.

He believes the “Jewish-Israeli” narrative that has been promoted on the pages is based on the fact that Israel’s Jewish community is large and diverse.

“Jews are a small minority,” he added.

“When you see someone like a young Palestinian boy holding an Israeli flag, that’s a clear indication that the Israeli flag is the flag of the Palestinian people.”

Sotsnikitz added that he is not opposed to the idea of a Jewish state, but believes “that we must be honest with ourselves and not believe everything we are told.”

Soti, who works as a photographer in Jerusalem, said he was shocked to see the page on Facebook.

“You can’t be a Zionist and live as a Jew, and have the same kind of things as the Palestinian Authority and Hamas,” he explained.

“Israelis have a long history of hating Palestinians.

It’s not the case that the Palestinians are going against their own people, they’re doing it for a better world.”

I can only imagine what it must be like for someone like Sotnar, who is also a photographer, to be targeted by a Facebook page promoting hatred of Jews.

Sotsnitz added,

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